CSP submits physio specific evidence to pay review body 

The CSP has submitted physiotherapy specific information to the pay review body for England and Wales to complement the joint evidence supplied by the 14 NHS trade unions. 

It is clear from the results of the CSP pay survey, as well as focussed pay meetings held last autumn that the pandemic has had a huge impact, exacerbating challenges present in an already over-stretched system.  

The levels of stress reported by the physiotherapy workforce; the reliance on unpaid overtime to deliver a good quality service; and the systemic under-banding of job roles and the lack of resources, all point to the need to recognise these as long-term issues, and not just a product of the pandemic. 

CSP survey results

  • 77% of NHS-employed members frequently feel stressed or overloaded at work
  • 80% of survey respondents undertake regular unpaid overtime in a typical week 
  • 53% of respondents do not feel their Agenda for Change band appropriately reflects their responsibilities 

Despite staff retention being a key government policy, our findings show a worrying number of physiotherapy staff leaving, or considering leaving the profession.  The need to retain staff in the NHS has never been more acute, and given the low morale reported along with the low levels of job satisfaction on a number of aspects, including pay and career progression, there has to be real concern that we could see significant numbers of physiotherapy staff leaving the NHS. 

  • 58% of survey respondents had at least seriously considered leaving NHS employment over the past year
  • The evidence shows that for physiotherapy staff, a significant and early pay rise would be a key factor in deciding whether to remain in the NHS, and would also have a significant impact on job satisfaction given the expectations and demands of services
  • 60% of respondents report having worse morale than the previous year. Of those, 54% indicated that the value of take home pay contributed to their declining morale 

The challenges for the NHS at the present time cannot be over-estimated, with the increase demand placed on the NHS’ resources set to continue for a considerable time as it deals with the impact of the pandemic.

A well-resourced, motivated and energised workforce is required to deal with the challenges of Covid 19, but also to ensure the NHS is fit for purpose going forward into the future.

Delivering a significant pay rise will send a clear message to physiotherapy professionals that they are valued and it will go towards the crucial aim of building the workforce for the future.



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