What's involved in being a CSP student rep

Read this role description to find out what's involved in volunteering as a student rep.

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As a CSP student representative you will be the main liaison point between physiotherapy students at your university and the CSP.

You will regularly connect with your regional student rep to discuss local matters concerning students on your course. Specifically, you will represent students in your year/cohort to help CSP staff understand the needs and experiences of physiotherapy students.

You will also keep students up to date with the opportunities the CSP offers student members with the information the CSP provides to you.

This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to developing and enhancing the student experience while representing the student voice in a high-profile professional organisation.

Your professional development

In this role you will be supported by CSP staff in the development of your personal and professional skills. Opportunities include:

  • Opportunities to apply for funded places at CSP-led conferences.
  • Professional development training on topics such as social media use, influencing your community, and equity, diversity and belonging in physiotherapy.
  • Support to attend CPD events led by CSP regional networks.
  • Support with post-qualification CSP opportunities.

Key responsibilities of a student rep

Communication and advocacy

  • Act as the primary point of contact between the physiotherapy students on your course and your CSP regional student rep.
  • Disseminate information from the CSP to students at your university, ensuring clear and timely communication.
  • Assist with CSP student member recruitment activity.
  • Promote the visibility of the CSP on campus.
  • Advocate for the interests, concerns and suggestions of students in your cohort.
  • Collaborate with your regional student rep to enhance engagement with the CSP.

Relationship building

  • Meet with your CSP regional student rep at least once per term.
  • Attend events coordinated by your regional network and other CSP-led events of interest when possible.
  • Develop and maintain strong relationships with students on your course and other student reps at your university
  • Regularly engage with CSP student communications via social media and CSP forums.

Event coordination and support

  • Promote and raise awareness about CSP-led events among the student community encouraging participation and feedback.
  • Organise and assist in the coordination of events and workshops on behalf of the professional body when appropriate.

Feedback and reporting

  • With guidance, compile feedback regarding students’ experiences, concerns and suggestions related to the CSP’s initiatives and services.
  • Encourage students to complete quarterly membership surveys and other relevant research activities.

Qualifications and skills

In order to apply for this position, you must be a student enrolled on a pre-registration physiotherapy course in the UK. You must also be a student or associate student member of the CSP.

Duration and commitment

This is a volunteer position requiring a commitment of approximately 1 hour per week during the academic year, with flexibility based on workload and event schedules.

We would expect you to stay in post for the duration of your pre-registration study. If you wish to withdraw from the position during your term, you should contact the student officers at studentenquiries@csp.org.uk to discuss standing down from your position.

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