Why you should become a CSP student rep

The CSP has 6,000 student members across the UK. We are looking for student reps to connect physiotherapy students with each other on a local and national level and represent the student voice at the CSP. 


What do CSP student reps do?

The CSP is launching a network of student reps for the new academic year. Could you represent your coursemates and share CSP news and opportunities?

Student reps:

  • Represent fellow students as the designated CSP contact, communicate information from the CSP and promote engagement.
  • Network by attending online meetings, promoting and assisting with CSP-led events, and developing relationships with key contacts.
  • Investigate by collating feedback, encouraging students to engage with CSP surveys, and understanding and advocating for student interests.

Why become a CSP student rep?

Diverse representation

We encourage students who identify as disabled, LGBTQIA+ and BAME, and those from low-income backgrounds, to self-nominate and to be assured that you will be supported. Find out more about who can apply.

As a CSP student rep, you will act as the link between physiotherapy students at your university and the CSP. You will represent students in your year. By raising issues concerning your peers with the CSP, you will enable your professional body to work effectively on behalf of students.

You will foster positive, collaborative relationships and ensure that the needs and interests of the student community are met. This position offers a unique opportunity to contribute to developing and enhancing the student experience while representing the student voice in a high-profile professional organisation.

Physiotherapy is a broad and diverse profession. The four pillars of practice – clinical, education, leadership and research – apply to every physiotherapist. Through this role, you will gain non-clinical skills to supplement your learning and placements.

Becoming a CSP student rep will demonstrate a commitment to leading the profession and championing the four pillars that will open doors when you graduate.

What support would I get?

Student reps are supported by two dedicated student officers as well as the wider workforce and education team. These staff members will ensure that you are connected to other reps and the central CSP body.

CSP staff will also organise a range of activities and training sessions, enabling you to develop your personal and professional skills.

The development training will be run by CSP experts and cover topics such as social media use, influencing your community, and equity, diversity and belonging in physiotherapy. This will enable you to best support your peers and give you a broad range of experience to draw on when updating your portfolio and applying for jobs.

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