CSP student rep election guidelines

This guide is for students setting up elections and the higher education institutions supporting them.

Supporting students and rotational physiotherapists

The role student rep is vital for helping physiotherapy students to stay connected to the CSP. Our student members should feel confident that they have knowledgeable and well-connected representatives (reps) who are elected through a robust and transparent process. Read more about the role of student rep.

Who can be a student rep?

Any student on a pre-registration physiotherapy course who is a CSP member can be a student rep as elected by their peers. The position is suitable for anyone who would like to help fellow students on their course make the most of the opportunities available to them. 

If you are not yet a member, join the CSP.

People who identify as disabled, LGBTQIA+, BAME and those from low-income backgrounds are often underrepresented in leadership positions. If you identify with one or more of these groups and are interested in the position, we encourage you to self-nominate and to be assured that you will be supported in the role. Read more about equity, diversity and belonging on our EDB pages and in the CSP strategy.

How many reps should there be?

We aim to have one student rep per cohort for each CSP-accredited physiotherapy pre-registration course in the UK. You do not need to wait for all cohorts to elect a rep before informing us of a new representative.

When reps in a region have been established, student reps will elect a regional rep to act on their behalf and take on a closer relationship with the CSP. The CSP will host the regional rep elections.

How long does someone remain a rep?

Where possible, we would like student reps to remain in the role throughout their pre-registration studies. A cohort can decide to select annually if they would prefer. Regional reps will be selected annually via elections hosted by the CSP. 

If you have any questions about student reps or the election process, please email studentenquiries@csp.org.uk.

How do I nominate myself and vote for a rep

All student reps should be selected by their cohort of students on their course. For example, if a student is in their first year of a BSc course they can nominate themselves and vote for the first-year BSc rep.

You may already have election processes at your university or students may want to run CSP student rep elections in a different way. Each cohort can hold elections using a method that suits them on any platform of their choosing. Please take the following into consideration:

  1. Ensure all students in your cohort are aware of the position and are given at least two weeks to submit their nomination.
  2. Let students know that only CSP members can be a rep. Any student who is not yet a member can sign up online
  3. Allow nominees to submit their manifestos in any way that suits them to allow for greater inclusivity. For some people this will be a written piece. Others may want to submit a video, audio recording or other form of presentation. Please help us remove any possible barriers for students who would like to engage with our rep activity. 
  4. Voting should be anonymous. 

What if only one student puts themselves forward? 

Where a position is uncontested, students of that cohort should be consulted and confirm that they are happy with the selection.

What happens when a rep has been selected?

When a rep has been selected, a member of the programme staff should email studentenquiries@csp.org.uk to let us know who has been selected. 

We will then invite the rep to an online induction session. This will introduce the CSP as an organisation, equip them with the tools to act as a student rep and introduce them to other reps across the UK.

The rep will also be asked to complete a volunteer form and some essential online training modules.

What if a rep steps down?

If a student rep wants to step down from their position or drops out of their course, a member of the programme staff should notify us by emailing studentenquiries@csp.org.uk. The cohort should then conduct another election to select a new rep. 

We wish all student groups well with elections and can’t wait to meet the next cohort!

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