Training for safety reps

Use our training courses to develop your knowledge, skills and confidence as a CSP safety rep.


Attending a CSP safety reps training course has many benefits. You can meet and network with other safety reps and share your own experiences about the role. You also have the chance to work on issues of common concern and practice your safety reps' skills in a safe, supportive environment.

Induction training

Our booking process for offering induction courses to new safety reps works in the following way:

  • after we receive your online accreditation form to become a safety rep you will receive an email offering you a place on a CSP induction course .
  • don't worry if you're unable to attend the course offered as alternative dates will be given. Do please respond promptly to this invitation email however to help us with planning.
  • contact our enquiry team by phone on 020 7306 6666 or email should you not receive a course invitation within a month of submitting your online accreditation form.

We also post the dates of the induction courses for the year on the safety reps iCSP network homepage: look for the (restricted) network within the 'Your Networks' iCSP drop down menu. Access to this network is added as part of your accreditation.

Regional training

The CSP runs two training events a year for all safety reps in your region. These dates are posted on your regional iCSP network homepage and we encourage you to attend. Don't worry if you haven't undertaken your induction first though as this won't impede your learning or deriving value from the day.

Our regional training offers reps skills-based training and addresses issues of local relevance. If the information you require about the event is not available on your regional iCSP network, please contact our enquiries team by phone on 020 7306 6666 or email

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