Stronger My Way promotional resources

Help us get the message out about the benefits of strengthening by using these resources in your waiting rooms, clinical settings and on social media. 

Stronger My Way infographic

Have a look at our infographic that will help you empower your patients to improve and maintain their strength, so they can do the things that matter the most.

Available in PDF or JPEG format.

Stronger My Way infographic
A man holding a young child up in the air

Stronger My Way posters

Our series of six strength posters feature Andy and Sara and can be printed out and displayed in your office or waiting room.

Available in PDF format in portrait or landscape orientation.

Stronger My Way posters
a man on a ladder

Stronger My Way social media images

Spread the message about strengthening by sharing the campaign images on social media.

You can use our ready-to-share images on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Stronger My Way social media images
Stronger my way logo

Short exercise routines

Use these short routines to show your patients that any activity slotted into their day will have a benefit, it doesn’t have to be a session at a gym to count. They can try some of these quick exercises while waiting for the kettle to boil.  

Have a look at our 'tea break' routines
A woman pouring water from a kettle into a mug of tea

Launch webinar and promotional pack

Stronger My Way launched with a webinar on 31 March 2022. Watch it and download the slides used in the webinar, as well as a promotional pack with everything you need to share information about the campaign across your channels. 

Stronger my way webinar and promotional pack
Stronger My Way

Top tips for talking about strength

We spent a year listening to people living with long-term health conditions about their thoughts on strengthening activities. Here are some tips you can use when talking to them about getting stronger.

Top tips for talking about strength
A young woman having tea and a chat with her physio