How to set a strength goal

Everyone can be active, no matter their age or physical condition. It’s completely free, and something we all have the power to start doing more of at any point in our lives

A man moving a washing basket
Photo by Nathan Clarke

Starting to become more active can be daunting, especially if you haven’t done much exercise before and you are managing a health condition.  

Setting activity goals

Setting activity goals are a great way to get started and keeping a note of your activities will help keep you on track. 

Think of a long-term goal and then plan for how you can reach that goal. Keeping a record of your progress will help you reflect on how you feel and what you’ve been able to do. Download, print and use the planner below as a tool to help you.   

Short exercise routines

It can also be helpful to also make daily goals. Remember that any activity slotted into your day will have a benefit, it doesn’t have to be a session at a gym to count. Look to build in short active ‘snacks’ throughout the day, for example try some of these quick exercises while you wait for the kettle to boil.  

Andy's teabreak routine

Sara's teabreak routine

Reflect on your progress

Once you have finished your programme, take some time to reflect on how you have progressed over the month. What sort of changes can you feel? It is important to celebrate your achievements and reward yourself.  

What will your next set of goals look like? You can print the planner again and keep building up your strength.  

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