Become a Stronger My Way ambassador

We’re looking for CSP members to join our community of ambassadors to help us spread the word about our Stronger My Way online hub

 CSP steward Lloyd Renals talks about why he became a Stronger My Way ambassador

What is a Stronger My Way ambassador?

As a Stronger My Way ambassador, we encourage you to use the hub’s resources to reach out to other audiences beyond the patients you see so that your colleagues and other healthcare professionals get to hear about it. By doing this you can also meet your CPD needs.

What do ambassadors do?

Here's some of the ways you could support us as a Stronger My Way ambassador:

 CSP director of practice and development Ash James talks about how the hub can benefit you and why you should become an ambassador

  • Organise a peer-to-peer learning opportunity e.g. put Stronger My Way on a meeting agenda in your workplace and highlight the resources to colleagues
  • Initiate a teaching session for other healthcare professionals adapting it to your audience or weave it into in-service training
  • Share our campaign messages on social media
  • Promote the hub resources to key local stakeholders e.g. social prescribers or influential contacts in your workplace or local area
  • Run a strengthening event or give a talk in your local community or with a local employer

How to become an ambassador

Start by watching our short Stronger My Way launch webinar to get familiar with the hub and watch the ambassador videos on this page for ideas on how to promote Stronger My Way.

Who can become an ambassador?

All CSP members are encouraged to think about becoming an ambassador and to promote the hub where they work or learn

How becoming an ambassador can help you in your personal development

Depending on your chosen activity, you might find that becoming a Stronger My Way ambassador can help

Physio Sam Bhide on why she became a Stronger My Way ambassador 

you develop a range of exciting new skills, such as:

  • Influencing/mentoring a range of audiences, from patients and peers to other health professionals and key decision makers
  • Enhancing your leadership abilities by using your knowledge to develop others
  • Effective communications and networking, including presenting your message clearly to the right people and ensuring that it has practical impact.

Once you have finished your activities, complete the reflective form on our virtual learning environment (VLE) to reflect on your development and impact. You will then receive a Stronger My Way certificate.

Tell us what you’ve done

You can also let us know about your success as an ambassador so that we can share good ideas to inspire others. Contact us at

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