Stronger My Way: top tips for first contact physios

We're looking for CSP members to get behind our Stronger My Way campaign and maximise its reach

Stronger My Way is an evidence-based, behaviour change campaign which aims to empower your patients to take part in strengthening activity more regularly.   

The campaign features a hub with two entry points – one for the public and one for professionals.    

As a first contact physiotherapist, you are ideally placed to spread the word about strengthening and, perhaps, even become a Stronger My Way Ambassador.  

Our tips and resources are designed to help you champion Stronger My Way with your patients and your primary care peers. And we explain how you can boost your CPD by doing so!  

How you can get involved

We understand that your time is precious.

But in just a few minutes (more if you can spare them), you can make some simple but impactful changes to your own practise and in your wider workplace that could see more of us get and share the message about the benefits of strength training.  

Here’s how:

If you have 5 minutes…  

How to order your contact cards

Stronger my way business cards

Log in to our print on demand system and search for 'SMW contact card'.

If you have 10 minutes…  

  • Put Stronger My Way on the agenda for a GP practice meeting and tell your primary care colleagues how to access and share info from our hub. 

  • Update your practice website with a brief outline of the campaign and a quick link to direct patients to Stronger My Way resources

If you have more time…  

  • Become a Stronger My Way Ambassador! Rise to the challenge and tell us, on camera, in no more than two or three minutes how you’ve been using the Stronger My Way resources in your workplace. Email us at for more info and we’ll work with you to get you started and feature your video clip alongside our other campaign ambassadors!  

  • Run a short introductory / CSP session in your workplace to spread the word about Stronger My Way and encourage your colleagues to take a peek.   

Depending on what you choose to do, you might find that your activities count towards your CPD. Check out the reflective form on our virtual learning environment to reflect on your development and impact and if you’re able to complete that, you will then receive a Stronger My Way certificate! 

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