Discrimination in the workplace

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Bite-size guides to discrimination and equality at work

Want to know what counts as discrimination and how the law protects individuals at work? Our bite-size guides can help.

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Equality Act 2010

Employees are protected against all forms of discrimination and harassment by comprehensive legislation, which includes religion, age and sexual orientation. The Equality Act came into force in April 2010. It harmonised existing discrimination law by consolidating more than 100 pieces of separate legislation into a single Act. 

CSP members working in NHS organisations are also covered by a comprehensive set of agreements outlined in the NHS Terms and Conditions Handbook.

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NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard

The NHS Workforce Race Equality Standard 2020 (WRES) is the latest version of the WRES since the publication was first mandated. It aims to ensure that staff from Black and Minority Ethnic (BME) backgrounds have equal access to career opportunities and fair treatment in the workplace.

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Problems at work?

If you are facing problems at work, find out what employer policies you are covered by, and then if necessary contact your local steward for advice.

CSP stewards have been trained to deal with members' problems, including harassment and discrimination. In complex cases, local stewards will be supported by CSP senior negotiating officers. 

CSP members also have access to professional legal services.

Support and representation

Equity, diversity and belonging in physiotherapy – keeping the conversation going

Physio Chris Martey led a CSP South West Regional Network event open to all members about equity, diversity and belonging in the physiotherapy profession.​ 

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Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace toolkit

The CSP have worked with The Equality Trust, trade unions, academics and HR professionals to create The Equality Trust's Toolkit for Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace.

This toolkit has been created to help employees, workers and union representatives to address unequal pay in their workplaces through examining the policies and practices in a workplace that lead to this inequality. 

Achieving Equal Pay in your Workplace toolkit
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