Under pressure... (leaflets and posters)

Stay healthy and happy at work with advice from the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy.

Work is good for us. Being in employment provides a sense of responsibility, opportunities to learn and financial reward. But it can also place demands on our bodies and minds, which can leave us feeling tense and over stretched.

Some pressure at work is normal. Pressure isn’t always negative; it can help motivate us and make changes in our daily lives. But too much pressure can create stress and sustained exposure to stress is linked to mental health conditions, like anxiety and depression, and to physical problems.

Physios know that back and neck muscles are particularly sensitive to the effects of stress. This can cause pain and sometimes headache too. All this can prevent us enjoying work and doing our jobs effectively. It also costs employers millions of pounds each year in sickness absence

There are lots of ways to incorporate physical activity into your day - you could walk to work or get off the bus or train one stop earlier, or do simple desk-based stretches and exercises.

Reduce stress by avoiding taking work home, and making the most of your free time to do other activities you enjoy. Combine this with eating well and getting a good night’s sleep and you’re much more likely to feel mentally refreshed and ready to face the working day.

If you're an employer, do what you can to promote good physical and mental health in your workplace by providing a supportive environment and ideas for activities in and around your location. Much of this can be achieved for little or no cost and can bring real benefits in terms of reduced absence.

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