Responses to the National Evaluation of Remote Services

How practitioners answered the questions set by the National Evaluation of Remote Physiotherapy Services

The online survey to map remote physiotherapy service delivery ran from 26 August to 16 September 2020 and a total of 1,620 services provided information covering all settings and clinical areas across the UK.

Below, we provide a visual snapshot of the responses to the survey. 

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Hover over the charts for more details. Please note, the proportions are based on the number of respondents who answered each question as some responses were left blank.

What settings and specialties are providing remote consultations?

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What are services using remote consultations for?

What tools are being used to provide remote consultations?

Are standardised approaches being used to develop remote services?

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Are users (patients and staff) involved in the set-up and evaluation of remote services?

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What do people have to say about remote service delivery?

A spotlight session was delivered at the Virtual Physiotherapy UK conference to report on the survey and the rapid review. Throughout the presentation, members were asked to give feedback through Menti about the advantages and challenges associated with providing remote consultations. These were collected and representative quotes were extracted. The examples provided below offer a snapshot of members’ experiences of remote consultations.

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