Self-management: Older people and falls management

A collection of resources to help older people stay active



Later Life Training

Public Health England

University of Manchester

Two apps that work together to deliver falls prevention exercises. The following apps are are only suitable for existing patients and older adults who have already started strength and balance exercises.

Motivate me app (for Physios):

  • Goal focused
  • Individual exercises from the Otago and FaME Programme (selected by clinician) set into app
  • View exercises reported back by patient and send personalised messages of support

My activity programme App (for older people): 

  • Personalised exercise programmes set by clinicians
  • Pop-up messaging prompts to exercise

These apps are not publicly available as yet but NIHR has approved their release following NIHR-funded research.

To access, contact:



Oxfordshire Age UK

Information on building strength in the over 50s

Sport England/Anchor Hanover

International Association of Physical Therapists working with Older People (IPTOP)

Greater Manchester Sports Partnership

Stay Stronger for Longer

Dementia-friendly exercise programme:
British Gymnastics Foundation Love To Move

Move More Sheffield

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