Spinal injections

From 1 July 2021, a number of spinal injection interventions are excluded from cover within the PLI scheme.


    The  exclusions can be summarised as:

    • General and regional anaesthesia, including peripheral nerve blocks.
    • Epidural injections with or without the use of local anaesthetic
    • Spinal and caudal injections
    • Spinal and caudal nerve blocks

    All interventions using injection therapy carries risk. The risks for spinal injections are greater, including the risk of life changing and/or catastrophic outcome.   

    NHS roles often migrate into non-NHS practice as members choose to work across NHS and independent practice, or move fully into independent practice. The robust governance arrangements of the NHS around spinal injection therapy, as well as the facilities and supervision the NHS provides, may not be replicated in independent practice. 

    This then exposes the CSP PLI scheme to the potential for greater serious financial risk should a successful claim arise, which may affect the overall sustainability and availability of the scheme for the majority of CSP members.

    Spinal injection therapy remains within the scope of the physiotherapy profession as an advanced practice activity, and within the scope of an individual's physiotherapy practice if they are educated, trained and competent in the activity.

    Members who wish to continue using spinal injection therapy as part of their practice must ensure they have alternative indemnity in place from either an employer or as an additional insurance.

    Run-off cover remains in place for spinal injection therapy services provided before 1 July 2021, subject to terms and conditions of the policy.


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