Acupuncture for in/fertility

Any acupuncture for fertility-related treatments is excluded from the CSP’s PLI Scheme.

Do I need indemnity for my work as a physiotherapist?

  • Yes. The HCPC require evidence of indemnity as a condition of continued HCPC registration.

Why is acupuncture for in/fertility-related excluded?

  • There are significant costs associated with claims in obstetrics and gynaecology which pose a risk to the sustainability of the PLI scheme.

Which CSP members are affected?

  • All members using acupuncture to treat in/fertility as part of physiotherapy practice.

Is acupuncture still in the scope of physiotherapy practice?

  • Yes. Acupuncture is a modality that physiotherapists may wish to use if they identify the evidence for its use is suitable for a specific patient and their condition and they are carrying this treatment out as a physiotherapist. Find out more about Scope of Practice.

What if I want to offer acupuncture as part of my non-physiotherapy related work, for example, as an Acupuncturist?

  • You are not be covered by the CSP PLI scheme. This is because the CSP PLI scheme only covers activities within the scope of physiotherapy practice, subject to policy terms and conditions.You should make alternative arrangements for your insurance for your non–physiotherapy work.

Do I need to join AACP?

  • No. However, the AACP may offer access to CPD activities, and a range of member benefits including insurance that they may provide as a benefit of membership.

What should I do if I want to offer acupuncture for in/fertility?

  • You must  source your own individual insurance for in/fertility acupuncture from any insurance provider of your choice.
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