Clinical services

The CSP PLI scheme covers 'all activities within the scope of physiotherapy practice'. There are some types of clinical service that are not within the scope of physiotherapy practice in general, and so are excluded from cover.

A first contact physiotherapist consults with a patient

The CSP PLI scheme does not provide cover for 'medical services', for example:

  • General Medical Service (GMS)
  • Personal Medical Services (PMS)
  • Alternative Provider Medical Services (APMS) 

These are the three types of GP contract used in England by NHS commissioners for provision of overarching medical services that may include, for example, first contact practitioner (FCP), urgent care, minor injuries, and Out Of Hours services (OOH). These services are increasingly being offered by GP practice businesses which engage physiotherapists to deliver some of the clinical care as part of these services under these contracts.

The Clinical Negligence Scheme for GPs (CNSGP) is a state-backed indemnity scheme in England, set up to indemnify these types of 'medical services' delivered under these contract types in Primary Care.

Some of these 'medical services' under these contract types  e.g. OOH services  are outside the scope of physiotherapy practice and so are not covered by the PLI scheme. However, individual physiotherapists may have the individual capabilities to work in some of the roles offered as part of these contracts. Other services, such as FCP, are  within the scope of physiotherapy practice, and so the insurance status depends on how you deliver these services.

This means that CSP members' work in these services may be covered by the CNSGP, providing that you provide your clinical services directly to the contract service provider, even if you are employed or work through , for example, a locum agency or any other employment agency. There should be no cost to members to be covered by the CNSGP.

  • We advise members who work within these types of Primary Care 'medical services' to get written confirmation either from the contract service provider directly, or from their locum/employment agency, that the clinical services provided by the member are included within the GMS, PMS and/or APMS contract terms and thus covered by the CNSGP should any claim arise from the member's work. 
  • It is essential that you obtain and retain a copy of your contractual agreement between you and the service provider as this will need to be provided in the event of any claim arising. A service specification and/or job description is not sufficient.
  • Members who further choose to contract their services through their own corporate entities e.g Ltd, Co, are advised to take extra care and seek individual insurance advice to ensure that they are satisfied they have appropriate indemnity in place for their work.
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