Physio student attends a Physio First skills exchange event

Physio student K.S. reflects on his experience at a recent Physio First skills exchange event in Northampton.

Five Student Reps pictured at the Physio First Skills Exchange
K.S. pictured at the right of the lineup of students at a recent Physio First skills exchange event

We spoke to physio student K.S. from the University of Winchester about his experience at a recent Physio First skills exchange event in Northampton.

‘Reflecting on my experience at a Physio First skills exchange event in Northampton, I am truly grateful for the opportunity and excited to share what I have learned. As a second-year physiotherapy student at the University of Winchester, I bring a unique perspective to my studies. At 39 years old, I am a mature student with a previous career as a personal trainer and a physio assistant in a neurological clinic.

The workshops

‘The venue for the event was ideal, equipped with spacious rooms perfect for the variety of workshops and practical sessions. One particularly enlightening workshop I attended focused on advanced mobility techniques for rehabilitation, which is closely related to my previous work and current studies.

‘During the morning session, I followed a workshop that involved a case study of a patient with low back pain. This session highlighted the importance of considering different ethnic backgrounds in physiotherapy assessments. It emphasized that variations in cultural practices, body structures, and even responses to pain can influence both the assessment and treatment strategies. For example, some cultures may have stigmas attached to certain treatments or may differ in their threshold and expression of pain, requiring physiotherapists to adapt their approaches sensitively and knowledgeably.

Enhancing knowledge and skills

‘This event was crucial for my educational journey. The hands-on knowledge enhanced my understanding of physiotherapy and improved my clinical skills. Interacting with seasoned professionals showed me different approaches and techniques that I can use in my studies and future practice. The chance to network was invaluable, allowing me to make connections that could lead to mentorships and collaborations. The shared enthusiasm for learning and improvement among everyone there was incredibly motivating.

Professional development

‘In the future, I am determined to pursue similar events to continue my professional development. The advantages of practical and peer-to-peer learning in a setting like this event are evident, and I intend to search for more opportunities like this. Additionally, I plan to keep in touch with the individuals I met, as this may lead to collaborative projects and further learning prospects. 

‘Lastly, I aim to share the knowledge I acquired with my colleagues who were unable to attend. 

‘Thank you, Physio First, for this opportunity.’

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