CSP members warned about scam

A CSP member is warning other physiotherapists to beware of fraudulent appointment bookings, after two of her clinics – as well as those of a number of other members - were recently targeted by a cheque deposit scam.


In a social media post, shared on the MSK Facebook hub, physiotherapist Jo said: ‘We’ve had this experience at both our clinics this week. 

‘Gentleman calls up and books appointment over the phone for his mother in law who is visiting from the US and would like an appt in one month. 

‘Asked for our bank details to pay the cost of the session. 

We then receive an email saying his secretary has inadvertently paid the wrong amount (£1,060) by cheque deposit and could we return the outstanding £1,000 to him

‘Unsurprisingly, the cheque never cleared and thankfully both our practice managers were on the ball enough to spot it and not pay anything. But I imagine they are targeting lots of clinics, so keep an eye.’

A number of other clinic owners have also reported being targeted in the same way, so CSP is warning all of its members to remain vigilant and be aware of this activity.

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