CSP opposes a separate pay spine around a single profession

The Department of Health and Social Care has opened a call for evidence on a potential separate pay scale for nursing, a move that the CSP is opposed to. 

The possibility of a separate pay scale for nursing was raised by the Royal College of Nursing (RCN) last year as part of side conversations with the government around pay.  It did not form part of the final agreement on pay but the government did commit separately to exploring the option. 

The Department of Health consultation will run until 4 April and is seeking views from a range of stakeholders, including unions. 

The CSP position remains that while Agenda for Change has its flaws we should work together to improve issues, and a separate pay spine is likely to be divisive and unworkable. We will therefore be providing a clear response to the call for evidence during the consultation period. 

Any move to a separate arrangement for one group risks serious damage to morale and motivation. The NHS relies on close co-operation with staff working across a range of job roles. There are currently issues affecting professions across the whole workforce which need to be addressed to ensure all staff feel valued and treated fairly and equitably. 

CSP assistant director Elaine Sparkes said says: 'The CSP is completely opposed to any separate pay spine around a single profession. Agenda for Change has its flaws, but it should be reformed rather than torn apart. 

We are committed to doing everything we can to prevent a separate pay spine being introduced because we remain convinced it is divisive, unworkable, and likely to lead to legal challenges particularly around equal pay. 

'There is currently a workforce crisis within the physiotherapy profession and any move that prioritises one profession over another could further compound this and have dire consequences for patients and the system at large.'

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