Transphobia statement is a milestone for the profession

Following dialogue involving our LGBTQIA+ Network and Equity, Diversity and Belonging committee, the CSP has adopted our first definitive position statement on transphobia.

Trans flag waving in the wind - demonstrating solidarity

The statement

  • reaffirms the CSP commitment to challenging transphobia
  • directs members to their professional obligations as HCPC registrants
  • sets out a number of definitions of transphobia to inform members
  • commits the CSP to eight actions including developing safe spaces for learning about trans issues, providing advice on trans healthcare and challenging transphobia in the healthcare system.

Ishmael Beckford, chair of the CSP Council has called on members to educate themselves about transphobia, and drew attention to the CSP commitments in the document. He said:

'Publishing this statement is a significant milestone in our profession’s journey in recognising and challenging transphobia and its negative impacts. This collaborative piece of work is a first step which will be supported by the delivery of the actions that the CSP has committed to.

'There is more we all need to do to ensure our physiotherapy community is inclusive and free from discrimination, so I’d encourage all members to review the statement and do whatever you can to educate yourselves around the experience of our transgender colleagues. I’d like to thank everyone that has been involved for their commitment and patience.'

Stephanie Land, chair of the CSP LGBTQIA+ network thanked all those who contributed to developing the statement, she said:

'As the chair of the LGBTQIA+ network, I would like to thank the CSP staff and members who have worked tirelessly towards this document and for the efforts and emotional labour put into this pivotal piece of work.

'This position statement on transphobia from the CSP is the first of its kind and is a vital first step as part of the CSP Equity, Diversity and Belonging strategy. I encourage all members of the CSP to read this, to reflect on the statement and the commitments set by the CSP to tackle transphobia in the profession and in wider society.

It is imperative that all CSP members, in their own day to day practice, ensure they are in line with the new HCPC Standards of Practice that relate to equity, diversity and belonging.

Sarine Baz, chair of the CSP Equity, Diversity and Belonging committee reiterated that transphobia is never acceptable.

She said: 'Expressing negative attitudes or feelings towards transgender individuals, or other transphobic actions, can’t be tolerated. The CSP has worked in partnership to co-create this position statement pledging to challenge transphobia and change behaviours. I encourage all members to review, reflect and to take action to actively be trans allies in your practice.'

The CSP recognises that understanding of the manifestations of transphobia will evolve. We will need to update our position in light of experience and learning. The statement will therefore be reviewed and updated as the law or HCPC requirements change or when the CSP Equity, Diversity and Belonging committee recommends changes in light of evolving understanding.

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