Common Placement Assessment Form: how-to videos

More than 95% of universities in the UK will be using a new way of assessing student physio placements by the end of this academic year - and the CSP has launched a series of bitesize training videos to support the switch.

CPAF explainer films start with professional behaviours

Six videos – all under 20 minutes – guide practice educators through how to complete the new Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF).

Each video covers a different section of the form and features clear explanations of what needs to be assessed along with examples in different settings.

 The 'how to…' series of training videos is aimed at practice education teams and students throughout the UK to help them transition to using CPAF for student placements.

Topics covered range from an in-depth look at how to assess the learning domains to what to do if there are any concerns about a learner’s performance on placement. The films were produced in response to member requests, but are also accessible by non members.

The form itself has recently been upgraded to make it more user-friendly, while a new guidance document on how to assess the learning domains section has been added.

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