CSP launches Common Placement Assessment Form

A standard assessment for student physios was introduced today supported by comprehensive guidance on its use for both students and practice teams.

Common Placement Assessment Form guidance
Guidance on the new assessment

Many different assessment forms were in use previously, but from today they will be replaced by one - the Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF), now available to download.  

The new form was developed by the CSP, higher education institutions (HEIs) and practice educators to ensure assessments are carried out consistently across the UK and placement hosts only need to learn how to use a single form.

As the new form is applicable to any kind of placement, it will also make it easier to assess students on placements in different settings, including non-clinical ones. The learning domains focus on the fundamental knowledge and skills of physiotherapy across all settings including communication, working with others, reasoning and intervention and individuals, communities and populations.  

With one standard form available for use by all HEIs, educators can more easily accommodate students from multiple universities, helping to  increase numbers of placements nationally.

Comprehensive guidance on the use of CPAF and how to demonstrate its learning outcomes for students and practice teams features on a new online hub.

Practice educators can also sign up for a short informative webinar on how to use the new form on Wednesday 29 September or Thursday 7 October.

CSP professional advisor Tamsin Baird says: ‘We are delighted that CPAF is here and ready to use across the UK, providing one standard way of assessing students on placement.

‘The potential impact of CPAF on the profession is especially exciting; enabling placements to happen in more diverse settings, empowering students to take ownership of their learning and embedding important elements of physiotherapy practice at a pre-registration level such as population health and anti-discriminatory behaviour.

‘It has been a privilege to have worked alongside university representatives, practice educators and students to design, develop and test the tool.

'Thank you to all of those involved and to all who will be using CPAF both this academic year and going forwards we hope the resources will help support you in this transition.”        

The form will provide one consistent practice-based learning assessment for all physiotherapy students – accommodating programmes with pass/fail and graded structures.

CPAF’s introduction will support quality improvement and inclusivity within practice-based learning environments. CSP education adviser Nina Paterson added: ‘I would urge all higher education institutions to embed its use within programmes as soon as is workable so that we can collectively reap the benefits.’

Practice educators can feed back on the Common Placement Assessment Form and on what other resources would help them support students via a survey  or focus group. Have your say before the survey closes on 17 September.

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