Have your say on how CSP supports practice educators

The CSP is working with Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU) on a research project to review practice educator resources for pre-registration physiotherapy education.

Have your say on how the CSP supports practice educators

Registered physiotherapists and support workers are being invited to help shape the new resources through an online survey and a focus group.

Currently, there is a disparity in the support available and no standardised training for physiotherapy practice educators. This project aims to share best practice across the UK and support practice educators to create an optimal learning environment.

This work will also closely align with the CSP Common Placement Assessment Form.


Researchers will analyse what is available to support practice educators, how user-friendly and engaging it is, including any barriers to using it, and then provide a resources that will complement and add to the existing provision.

The results from the survey will also enhance CSP’s understanding of practice educator learning and development.

CSP professional advisor Alexandra Nambyiah said: ‘We want every placement to be a good experience for both educator and student, so we’d like to hear from as many physiotherapy teams as possible to ensure their views are at the heart of designing these new resources. 

Every practice educator has a pivotal role in influencing a student’s confidence and passion for the profession, as well as helping them to fulfil their potential in practice, so it is essential that we are supporting them in the right way.

Principal investigator Deborah O’Connor at MMU said ‘Practice education is fundamental for our student’s development throughout their pre-registration studies.

'We have significant experience researching and developing innovation for practice education across healthcare student groups.

'We look forward to working in partnership with the CSP to further develop resources to support and enhance practice education in physiotherapy.’

Online Survey

The online survey is open to physiotherapy practice educators, registrants and associates. It will take no longer than 15 minutes to complete.

The results from the survey will be used to enhance our understanding about practice educator learning and development. It will also support the development of a toolkit to assist educators in practice.

To discuss the research and contribute to a focus group please email Deborah O'Connor

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