Common Placement Assessment Form

The Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF) is designed to provide a consistent  and standardised approach to assessing students irrespective of the university or the placement setting and environment.


    What is the Common Placement Assessment Form (CPAF)?

    The CPAF is a common standardised placement assessment form that can be used irrespective of the students university or the placement setting and environment.

    Proposed Benefits

    • Consistent and standardised approach to assessment
      • Reducing barriers for new and established organisations to take students from different universities
      • Parity of placement assessment learning outcomes irrespective of university
    • Accommodation of a diversity of placements
      • As physio workforce is growing, universities and placement organisations need to think creatively to increase placement quality and capacity
      • Different placement models are emerging with growing diversity in placement settings which is fantastic to see
      • The learning outcomes within CPAF are written in a way that is inclusive of the diversity of learning environments – patient facing and non-patient facing alike
    • Opportunity for data collection
      • Within CPAF is there is an opportunity to capture data to analyse the placement models and settings in which it is being used

    Is it new?

    • No – although it’s going to be released very soon, it is not new. It has been developed over a considerable period of time and has had quality input from expert stakeholders in the field of placement assessment including practice educators, students, Higher Education Institutions (HEI), and service providers across many sectors.
    • The content is aligned to several guidance documents including CSP, HCPC frameworks, HEE quality framework
    • We have a CPAF working group contributing to the development of the form as well as input from practice educators and students

    When will it be released?

    Watch this space! The form is in its development phase. We are planning to pilot the form prior to its roll out. We will keep this area of the website updated with all developments regarding CPAF. 

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