Caring for older people with persistent non-traumatic MSK conditions - webinar resources & recording

The CSP North East Regional Network invited all CSP members to a free evening webinar which took place Tuesday 5th October. 



The webinar centred on the care and rehabilitation of older people with persistent non-traumatic musculoskeletal conditions. The following three common, but perhaps under explored conditions, that have similar management philosophies were explored:

  • Lumbar Spinal Stenosis
  • Hip Osteoarthritis
  • Shoulder Osteoarthritis

The programme featured the following speakers:

Femke van Dreven discussing a comprehensive approach to glenohumeral joint arthritis of the shoulder 

Femke van Dreven's slides

Specialist Physiotherapist - Upper Limb

Durham City Physio Ltd


Femke has been a Physiotherapist for nearly 30 years, her special interest is shoulders. She has a postgraduate degree in Sports & Exercise Management, and has split her commitments as an Upper Limb ESP in the NHS, and as a Clinical Specialist at a private physiotherapy clinic. Currently she only does private clinics. She has also worked at various games incl. Olympics, Commonwealth Games, European Games and World Athletic Championships.


Rob Tyer discussing some of the challenges and strategies in and around helping someone decide upon their treatment for Osteoarthritis of the hip. 

Advanced Practice Physio and Clinical Lead

Connect Health 



Rob is currently working in intermediate care as a generalist APP with a clinical lead role for a joint MSK and Pain service. Special interests depend on the day you ask, but generally a fan of low limb problems and clinical reasoning.  


Adam Dobson discussing the management of people with lumbar spinal stenosis. 

Adam Dobson's slides

Specialist Back pain Physiotherapist

South Tees Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust



Adam has worked as a physiotherapist for 11 years. He currently works as a Specialist Physiotherapist in a low back pain clinic. He also leads an MDT rehab, residential programme. 


The CSP North East Regional Network



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