Scotland NHS pay offer to be put to members

Following an intense period of negotiations between health unions and the Scottish government a one-year pay offer has been made.

Scotland physiotherapist
Physiotherapy staff in Scotland have been offered a one year pay deal

It was agreed this year that pay in Scotland would be determined by direct negotiations rather than the Pay Review Body process that is being followed in the rest of the UK.  Following campaigning from the health unions the timetable for those negotiations was brought forward to ensure members did not have to wait until the summer before talks began.

Final say

CSP Scotland senior negotiating officer Claire Ronald said: 'We are pleased that the negotiations have resulted in an offer that we can put to members for their final say.  We will now begin the process of ensuring members have all the information needed to make that decision.'

The offer from the government,  one per cent of which had already been paid to staff in advance, will cover all Agenda for Change staff in the NHS but does have some complexity.  

The offer for staff in 

  • bands 1-7:  a minimum four per cent pay rise, with those earning less than £25,000 receiving a slightly higher flat uplift of just over £1,000
  •  bands 8a-c: a two per cent pay rise
  •  bands 8d–9: a flat rate of £800


If the offer is accepted the new pay rates will be backdated and put in place from 1 December 2020. 

Physiotherapists in Scotland
Physiotherapy staff in Scotland have been offered a one year pay deal

The CSP will now begin working through the details of consulting fully with all members in the NHS in Scotland. Further information on this will be made available as soon as possible.

England, Wales and Northern Ireland

In England, Wales and Northern Ireland there is no offer at this stage as the Pay Review Body (PRB) process is continuing.  The PRB has now received evidence from all parties, including the CSP, and is expected to make its recommendations on pay in June.  It will then be for the governments in the other countries to decide whether they accept the recommendation and make a final proposal.  In England the government has already proposed that any pay award should only be one per cent.

England offer 'derisory'

CSP assistant director of employment relations and union services Elaine Sparkes said: ‘This offer from the Scottish government shows once again that the derisory one per cent proposed for staff in England is a political choice, rather than an economic and financial necessity and must be reconsidered.  

'NHS staff across the UK deserve fair pay and whilst we are consulting members in Scotland over the offer we will continue to make that case across the rest of the UK.'

Staff have gone above and beyond this year across the UK, and physiotherapy services have been crucial to the pandemic response, but fair pay is also about ensuring the NHS can recruit and retain staff, Ms Sparkes said.  As the country returns to some normality it will be essential to ensure the NHS can continue to deliver services to meet the needs of the whole population now and in the future. 

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