CSP responds to government evidence to NHS pay review body

It is deeply disappointing that at a time when CSP members, alongside all health staff, are going above and beyond in dealing with a pandemic that the government is only proposing a one per cent pay increase in its evidence.


With NHS staff #CSP4FairPay

The Department of Health and Social Care have today submitted their late evidence to the Pay Review Body which includes the information that the government are assuming a headline pay award of just one per cent for NHS staff, with anything more requiring re-prioritisation.

Elaine Sparkes, the CSP’s assistant director of employment relations and union services, said: 'The department’s proposal of one per cent for NHS staff is an insult to all those who have been working so hard on the frontline during this pandemic, putting themselves and their families at risk.

'Staff within physiotherapy services have been stretched to their limit over recent months but yet have continued to offer flexibility throughout.  

After years of cuts in both pay and services the pandemic has thrown a spotlight on the importance of a well-funded and resourced health service.

Now is the time for the government to deliver a much-needed substantial pay rise, giving staff the recognition they deserve and helping to address those long-term recruitment and retention problems. The NHS needs to recruit staff now to ensure it is fit for the future

Jill Taylor, chair of the CSP employment committee, added: 'I have never worked in such unprecedented times as a physiotherapist.  I have seen my colleagues throughout the health service stretched to their limits, working above and beyond every day in uncertain working environments.

The government have clapped for the heroes working in health care and now it is time they properly recognised that contribution. The public and our members are horrified by this proposal of one per cent and for many exhausted staff this could be the final straw.  

'Healthcare staff are true heroes just seeking fair pay for the selfless work they do every day and have done over the last 12 months.'

The pay review body are due to make their final  recommendations in May but this gives a worrying indication of the government position. 

The CSP and other health unions will continue to campaign for the pay rise that NHS staff deserve.



The Department of Health and Social Care's evidence can be found here

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