CSP slows development of EDI strategy to enable more collaboration

CSP is delaying the launch of its EDI strategy and slowing its development, in response to feedback from recent meetings with the equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) member reference group.


CSP Council recently met twice with the EDI member reference group, which was set up last year to consider member diversity data and feedback from members.

The group, which consists of members from the diversity networks and other volunteers, has been working with CSP Council over the last few weeks to achieve these aims.

This has included reviewing the results of the EDI member survey [conducted last December], analysing the CSP’s draft EDI objectives, in order to ensure that the objectives are fit for purpose, and considering the strategic focus of the work.

However, feedback received during these meetings clearly indicated that the launch date previously proposed for the EDI Strategy [which was due to be in March this year] would not allow adequate time to collaborate with members and develop a fully comprehensive strategy that could successfully drive transformation.

Especially given the ongoing pressures and time constraints experienced by members during the pandemic.

As a result, the CSP has taken the decision to slow down the development process, in order to ensure that the final strategy meets all of its intended aims and is fully capable of bringing about positive, impactful and enduring change.

A slowed down schedule to allow more member input


Commenting on the decision, CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘We heard very clearly from members the concerns about how collaborative we could be with members when there is so much work in the current time-frame and when many members are working exceptionally long hours on the frontline during the pandemic.

‘Without this collaboration, there is the real danger of developing a strategy which “hits the target but misses the point”.

We are clear, however, that any slowing down in no way diminishes our ambition for transformation

The CSP will now aim to consult with members on a draft version of the EDI strategy in May this year.

New measures to complement change of approach


Going forwards, and in line with the slowed down approach, the CSP has also decided to implement some changes to the strategy’s development process.

These will include:

  • working with a group of members on the language used in the EDI strategy to ensure clarity and consistency
  • ensuring that the EDI member reference group sign off a draft version of the strategy, before it is distributed to the whole membership for consultation
  • establishing four small sub-teams, made up from members of the EDI member reference group, who will work directly with CSP directors to refine the EDI strategic objectives within the CSP’s corporate strategy

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