Work to develop CSP Equality, Diversity and Inclusion strategy is progressing

The CSP is slowing down the development of its equality, diversity and inclusion (EDI) strategy to ensure that sufficient time and resource is given to consultation with members, in order to develop a strategy that can successfully drive transformation.

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Council last week agreed a revised timetable that builds an additional two months into the timescale for producing the strategy. This decision is in response to concerns raised by members.

The new timetable agreed by Council includes time in January for Council to meet with members from the diversity networks to consider feedback from members – including the results of the EDI survey, and what the demographic data shows.

And time in February for Council to meet with members from the diversity networks to review the EDI objectives, ensure they are fit for purpose and consider the strategic focus of the work.

At the March meeting, Council will consider and approve the draft EDI strategy for consultation over a six-week period. The aim is for Council to approve the strategy at the May Council meeting.

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said: ‘How we develop the strategy is as important as what goes into it. To this end we have been trying to engage with as many members as we can, both in the diversity networks and the broader membership, but this has all taken time. It also means we have a lot of data to analyse and turn into something meaningful.

We want the work we do on equality, diversity and inclusion to be transformative – not simply a tick box exercise that we ‘do’ and then move on.

'We have listened to what the diversity networks have told and advised us, and we will be going forward at a slower pace.’

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