What has the CSP done to promote equality, diversity and inclusion during 2020?

Alongside work to develop an equality, diversity and inclusion strategy, we have been active in a number of other ways this year.

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In addition to the developing the strategy, we have been actively addressing racism and promoting diversity and inclusion in a number of other ways this year. They have included:

  • Gathering information and insight to inform our future work and focus
  • Facilitating local and regional events on EDI, including webinars with members, staff and diversity network members
  • Producing issues of Frontline to mark Black History Month in October and Disability History Month in December
  • Recruiting a diverse range of members to act as CSP spokespeople
  • Strengthening links between the Student Reference Group and the diversity networks
  • Hosting a joint training day between diversity network convenors and the National Group of Regional Stewards, which included encouraging attendees to consider engagement with Council and committees
  • Providing regional training on anti-racism to all CSP stewards
  • Publishing a revised and updated Equality and Diversity Toolkit to highlight members’ rights and employer responsibilities
  • Launching a BAME Twitter account and a LGBTQIA+ Twitter account, both run by network members
  • Removing joining fees for overseas-qualified physios to encourage more to become CSP members
  • Offering a member of the BAME networka co-opted seat on CSP Council and ARC (Annual Representatives Conference) Agenda Committee
  • Submitting an anti-racism motion to TUC Congress, having BAME representation on our member delegation, and speaking in an anti-racism debate at the event
  • Featuring EDI champions in Frontline
  • Inviting representatives of the diversity networks to join the ARC Agenda Committee
  • Members of the Leadership Team and Council Chair attending diversity network meetings.

Thank you to everyone who has been involved with this work to date.

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