New GP contract in England pledges fully-funded FCP roles

NHS England, NHS Improvement and the British Medical Association have agreed and jointly published an update to the GP contract. 

The agreement, which runs from 2020/21 to 2023/24, includes a number of new announcements after the BMA rejected the first iteration on 16 January.

Among the fresh details are 100 per cent funding for first contact physiotherapy roles, up from 70 per cent previously.

The shortfall had proven to be a barrier to implementation in some areas so the CSP has welcomed the additional funding.

Other elements of the contract include:

  • a £20,000 golden handshake to primary care staff, not limited to GPs, who want to become practice partners
  • new workforce roles are now added to the scheme from April 2020, at the request of PCN clinical directors, including podiatrists, dietitians and pharmacy technicians
  • mental health professionals will be added from April 2021 following current pilots

For further detail and insight into how this will work alongside first contact physiotherapy visit our blog

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton said:  ‘The extra funding announced in the new GP contract will enable surgeries to roll out first contact physiotherapist services on a larger scale so is very welcome.

‘There are other positive measures in the contract but as always with any new announcement, we need to carefully go through the detail to ensure we are able to capitalise on any opportunities while seeking further detail on any concerns that it raises.'

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