NHS England publishes guide to aid recruitment of allied health professionals

A new guide from NHS England showcases the skills and potential of allied health professionals (AHPs) to primary care networks (PCNs).



‘Allied Health Professionals working in primary care’ sets out the funding available for roles such as first contact physiotherapists, along with suggested employment models and training requirements.

Also included are model job descriptions, a breakdown of how each profession can contribute in a primary care setting, details on indemnity insurance and practical considerations for embedding new roles in services.

Abi Henderson, the CSP’s head of FCP implementation, welcomed the new publication. She said: 

PCNs are keen to recruit more physiotherapists and other AHPs and the funding is available, so this document is an important tool to help them do that.

‘It can be used alongside the FCP MSK Road Map to Practice from Health Education England and our own implementation resources to create new FCP positions, along with other roles for physiotherapists in primary care.’

The Network Contract DES Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme provides funding to support the expansion of workforce within primary care by an additional 26,000 roles by 2023/24.

Through PCNs, general practice is able to access funding via this scheme, allowing them to support the recruitment or engagement of services for a wide range of roles.

The new guidance was drafted with contributions from the CSP and other professional bodies, including the Royal College of Occupational Therapists and the College of Podiatry.

It was published on 11 January and can be read here.

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