International award for physio’s research identifying targets for reducing premature death in older people with osteoarthritis

Ross Wilkie, a physiotherapist working at Keele University, has won the European League Against Rheumatism health professionals in rheumatology award.

Ross Wilkie receives the award recognising his work in osteoarthritis and premature death

The award is in recognition of his work which identifies targets to reduce the increased risk of mortality in people with disabling osteoarthritis.

Dr Wilkie said: ‘Osteoarthritis is now recognised as a serious health problem and there is increasing interest in its impact.’

His work followed up over 8,000 people over 10 years and combined electronic medical record data with self-reported information.

‘The results clarify which individuals who present for healthcare with osteoarthritis go onto experience premature death.’

Using a novel approach within survival analysis, potential pathways to premature death were identified.

Keep active

‘The key implications for physiotherapists is that it is really important to encourage people with osteoarthritis to remain active and to “get out and about” to reduce the risk of premature mortality.’ Dr Wilkie said.

‘It also highlights the need to consider sleep and mood.’

The award was presented last month in Madrid at the annual conference, the largest international musculoskeletal event, with around 16,000 delegates.

Dr Wilkie is senior lecturer in epidemiology and public health at the Arthritis Research UK Primary Care Centre at Keele’s Research Institute for Primary Care & Health Sciences.




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