CSP Christmas film edges towards half a million views

The CSP has muscled in on the busy Christmas advert market with a heartwarming film that promotes the importance of strength and balance as we age.

The film, called Never Too Late, is part of the CSP’s Love activity, Hate exercise? campaign, was viewed more than 400,000 times in the first 10 days after its release online on 30 November. It has received more than 6,500 shares on social media.

It also resulted in thousands of people clicking through to the CSP website to read about six exercises recommended by physiotherapists for improving strength and balance and prompted a number enquiries from international physiotherapy membership bodies to share the animation. Others physios screened the video in their workplace including staff at Loughborough hospital physiotherapy department (see photo below).

Never too Late on show at Loughborough Hospital physio department


The film, which tells the tale of a physio helping a lonely widow restore his strength and sense of purpose to return to his role playing Father Christmas at the local children’s ward, was directed by Oscar-shortlisted film-maker Chris Jones.

‘We’re delighted with how it’s been received,’ he said.

Strong connections

‘I think a lot of people are recognising either themselves or a loved one in the story. That’s why it’s making such a strong connection with them and getting such an emotional reaction.’

The film features physiotherapist Kath Rolinson and is the second collaboration between the CSP and Mr Jones, following last year’s Rehab Matters, which received two nominations at the London Brand Film Festival and was discussed by MPs in the House of Commons.

‘Storytelling in films is about showing the turning points in people’s lives and it’s often in those critical moments that physiotherapists come into contact with patients,’ Mr Jones added.

‘It’s the perfect medium to showcase the impact physios have and it’s been great to make the films to help promote the profession.’


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