Private physio practice is star of Samsung advert

A private physiotherapy group’s innovative use of smartphone technology as part of its rehab provision has led to it starring in a Samsung advertisement.

Six Physio, which has ten clinics in central London, was selected by The Keep (Samsung’s production company) to showcase how smartphone technology can be used in medically-related lifestyle industries for its European online Business2Business campaign, launched in September.

‘They saw our website and that we are already at the forefront on technology, using smartphones to take notes and interact with patients. Ten years ago, we had a bespoke patient exercise app developed that enables clients to take their rehab home,’ explained Six Physio director Matt Todman.

‘We video patients doing exercises and coach them in the video, so they have a video of themselves they can follow at home. It takes seconds in the clinic and means patients are more compliant and there are less excuses,’ he added.

The advert, which is streamed online, features Mr Todman talking about how he uses smartphone technology as a physio, demonstrating how it is part of a patient’s journey, as he and his team work with patients in a range of scenarios from gym to a tennis court at night, all to rousing music and filmic scenes of the city.

Mr Todman believes the advert has a greater purpose in promoting ‘what modern physiotherapy should be about’, as it shows how physios are responsible for motivating patients to take charge of their rehab journeys.

‘Part of the deal of seeing a physio is the motivation stuff. We’ve got to show you what you need to do,’ he says in the film.

‘There hasn’t been an advert based around physiotherapy in the UK. I’m delighted with it and hope it will help to push the profession forward,’ he added.


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