Big push with STPs on first contact physios in primary care

Sustainability and transformation partnerships (STPs) in every part of England have until the end of June to identify areas for large-scale pilots of first contact physiotherapy posts (FCPs) in GP surgeries.


The CSP has been working with NHS England to direct STPs to the right information and advice on how to develop FCPs as part of the MSK pathway.

Around 90 STP leads have attended CSP webinars and events on the topic over the last fortnight.

CSP head of policy Rachel Newton said: ‘The message back from them has been consistently positive.’

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton added: ‘This is a significant opportunity. It shows commissioners that the profession is a solution to challenges facing the NHS and means exciting opportunities for many physios.

Members must act now

‘Most importantly it means better care for patients. But we need to act now. Making this happen in reality is largely dependent on CSP members driving it forward.’

All MSK service leads having talks with their local clinical commissioning group or STP should contact the CSP for more information and support. Members can also join the CSP Primary Care Implementation Network.

FCP Implementation guidance for England which was first produced in 2016 was updated this month with the latest developments.

First contact practitioner Amanda Hensman-Crook, working with NHS Digital, has produced a template for standardised data capture by FCP pilots.

And CSP member Andy Lord has produced a tool with Health Education England and SCW Commissioning Support Unit that enables the cost benefits of FCPs across the pathway to be calculated. 

As further details of NHS England’s support for the pilots is made available they will also be accessible from the CSP website.

More information

For advice from the CSP professional advice service contact

To get involved in the Primary Care Transformation Network contact

FCP implementation guidance and further information 

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