Football physio makes guest appearance in Bournemouth University class

First year physio students at Bournemouth University were treated to a guest lecture on 14 February by Premier League team physiotherapist Jonny King.


AFC Bournemouth’s team physio Jonny King speaking to students

His lesson focused on foot and ankle injuries, as part of the students’ exercise, movement and rehabilitation unit.

While teaching the students, Mr King said: ‘In the sports field, you won’t just see sports injuries; you’ll come across a variety of non-musculoskeletal conditions. There is always a chance such pathology may be missed if you do not have a good foundation of knowledge in all areas of physiotherapy.’

Mr King started his career at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust, before working as an academy physiotherapist for Norwich City Football Club and joining AFC Bournemouth in 2012.

‘One thing we touched on with students was the importance of technology and how it helps us as clinicians to make important decisions under pressure. An example being video replays, which are useful to sports physios in helping diagnose injuries,’ he added.

Bournemouth University lecturer Osman Ahmed is also a physiotherapist for the England Cerebral Palsy football team. He said: ‘The nice thing about today’s lecture with Jonny is that he’s made a lot of references back to his clinical work as well, so that the students can see some real-life examples with real-life football players that they may well already know of, so it’s been a really good session.’

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