Physios give fantastic response to national hip fracture research project

More than 400 physiotherapists from acute and community services have signed up to Hipsprint, the CSP’s national audit of hip fracture rehabilitation in England and Wales.


1,200 people with hip fracture are now on the Hipsprint database

‘We’ve been overwhelmed by the positive response from physios to engage in this audit,’ said Ruth ten Hove, the CSP’s head of research and development.

‘It sends a really strong message about physios’ commitment to service improvement for this frail and vulnerable group.’

Hipsprint launched on 1 May and is an opportunity to gain invaluable insight into the rehabilitation of people after hip fracture. So far, almost 440 members have signed up from 240 services, and the audit has captured the care pathways of 1,200 people who have fractured their hip.

The project wants to gather examples of hip fracture care across acute, intermediate and community care to inform developments and improvements in physiotherapy.

Ms ten Hove called for even more members to contribute to the project. ‘The more data we have, the stronger will be the findings and the stronger will be recommendation,’ she said.

‘If anyone has any problems with any aspect of the audit, please get in contact straight away. You can email’

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