iCSP Hip Sprint network: an opportunity to learn about the best hip fracture care

A new iCSP network to help members to keep up-to-date with Hip Sprint, the audit of some 6,000 hip fracture patients, is open to members.


As well as highlighting the latest developments and resources, the network offers members a way
to share thoughts and plans for improving care pathways for patients with hip fractures.

It is a route to contribute to the development of standards for hip fracture rehabilitation too, as well
as to national resources, such as patient self-management information.

Ruth ten Hove, the CSP’s head of research and development, said: ‘The new Hip Sprint network is a great way to share practice, service delivery ideas and innovations and use these to improve services and patient experience.

’Hip Sprint followed people from initial hospital treatment, to the rehabilitation ward and through community therapy. It revealed a wide variation in waiting times for treatment.

The audit asked physiotherapists about the kind of rehab they were delivering to patients. Their feedback showed wide a variation in rehabilitation.

Ms ten Hove added: ‘This was the first time physios had been able to review, not only their own data, but that of services close to them geographically or demographically. So this is a real opportunity for genuine improvement.’



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