Hipsprint reaches 5,000 hip fracture records

The records of nearly 5,000 people in England and Wales who have had hip fractures since May 2017 have been uploaded onto the Hipsprint database, as the first phase of research.


Hipsprint now holds hip fracture data from about 55 per cent of all hip fracture patients in acute settings in England and Wales

Hipsprint, the CSP’s national audit of hip fracture rehabilitation, is designed to provide invaluable insight into the rehabilitation of people after fracturing their hips. It was launched on 1 May and will be running to 31 October. The first phase will remain open for members to enter data on new patients until 31 July.

Ruth ten Hove, the CSP’s head of research and development, said data about 55 per cent of all patients who have had a hip fracture since May was now recorded on Hipsprint.

The research aims to map each patient's rehab journey over a 120-day period. It will now move into the community phase, tracking patients' experiences after leaving hospital.

‘We have had lots of interest from community services who have registered, which is fantastic,’ Ms ten Hove said. ‘And we will be working to ensure that interest turns into valuable data for the project.

'What we really want is all community physios who are seeing a hip fracture patient to engage with the audit.

‘If anyone experiences any issues using Hipsprint, particularly getting data on new patients in acute settings uploaded by 31 July, please do contact us by emailing phfsa@rcplondon.ac.uk.’

This story was amended on 24 July to reflect the ongoing research in the community-based phase of this research.

The caption for the photo was amended as it wrongly stated that 88 per cent of all acute hospitals in England and Wales took part. In fact that statistic referred to the number of patients registered in the research who were in an acute setting.


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