AHP conference 2016: New evidence-based practice resource goes online

Evidence for Everyday Allied Health, a series of resources from the research organisation Cochrane UK, was launched on 23 June.


Suzanne Rastrick: 'Guest blogs for and by AHPs will be published over the next five weekdays'

Suzanne Rastrick, NHS England’s chief allied health professions officer, announced the initiative at her annual conference in London, saying: ‘We are delighted to be collaborating with Cochrane’s Evidence for Everyday series.

‘This online series aims to give AHPs relevant evidence and resources, and in quick easy formats on social media.

‘They have called it everyday, because they will focus on the common topics, or those applicable across specialties. And it acknowledges that everyday practice should be evidence-based practice.’

Cochrane UK has promised a series of guest blogs for and by allied health professionals, which will be published over the next five week days.

The first, on social media for continuing professional development, has been written by Naomi McVey and Helen Owen, tweet-leaders with @WeAHPs.

It will be followed by Chris Morris discussing the challenges and importance of ensuring practice is evidence-based. Then Danny Minkow will explore evidence on stroke rehabilitation.

The launch of the AHPs4PH Facebook page was also announced at the event. It aims to be an online space for AHPs to share ideas, showcase good practice, develop networks and get peer support about public health-related topics.

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