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Chief allied health professions officer for England Suzanne Rastrick wants the physiotherapy community to take part in the co-creation of the next allied health professions strategy.


You can join an online conversation taking place over a fortnight from 10-24 May.

The first conversation with citizens to feed into the next AHP strategy for England ended on 31 March, with over 4,200 contributions. Work is underway to analyse these insights, Ms Rastrick said.

‘We look forward to having CSP members join the AHPsListen platform from the 10th of May to offer your ideas about how AHPs could improve health and social care.’

Register your interest

CSP chief executive Karen Middleton encouraged members to take part.

‘This is an important opportunity for members in England to share their thoughts and experiences on how they are helping to “build back fairer” by making their services more accessible to all communities.’

Too many people were missing out on the rehabilitation that they need. 

The CSP is arguing for policy makers to properly resource rehabilitation, particularly community rehabilitation for people with long term conditions. 

‘The AHPsListen initiative is an opportunity for CSP members to share their ideas on what good should look like,’ Ms Middleton said. 

What is AHPsListen?

Suzanne Rastrick explains: ‘The online workshop is a safe, anonymous space. The topics for discussion have been formed through the analysis of a first conversation with citizens held in March alongside key health and social care strategies and policies. 

‘Here citizens have told us what’s important to them in relation to how they receive help with their health and social care, how allied health professionals working in health and social care can support citizens to stay well and how technology might help all of us in the future.

‘The online conversation is similar to a physical workshop but it’s more flexible and inclusive and means we can hear from everyone. It is anonymous – your name is not attached to anything you share so you can be open, honest and frank in your feedback.

‘You can join the online workshop from any computer, tablet or smartphone. Everyone is welcome to join the conversation. You can visit as many times as you like, 24 hours a day, seven days a week at a time that suits you. Everyone can read, rate and comment upon the ideas of others.’

 Register your interest and make sure your voice is captured and heard

You will receive an email once the platform is live.

 Any questions get in touch by email at england.cahpo@nhs.net


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