AHP conference 2016: AHP mandate for change due out in October

Less reliance on GPs and acute care was just one of the ways in which allied health professionals (AHPs) would impact on healthcare, according to initial feedback about an AHP mandate for change.


AHPs at the event made a commitment to deliver person-centred care

The outcomes came from the responses of AHPs through an online workshop. They were asked: ‘How would England be different if AHPs were used effectively?’

Clinical fellow to the chief allied health professions officer (CAHPO) Joanne Fillingham announced the initial results at the CAHPO conference in London on 23 June. She said that the final mandate will be published in October.

Three further ways forward were: improved person and population health wellbeing; less fragmentation; particularly between acute and community care; and reduced unwarranted variance in AHP services.

A commitment to achieve change

The AHPs who took part in the event also made four areas of commitment to achieve these changes. They were a commitment to

  • the individual – delivering care which is person-centred, enabling and timely
  • keep care close to home – delivering care and interventions which are accessible throughout a person’s life course and delivered primarily in the community 
  • the health and wellbeing of the community
  • care for those who care – so that staff who deliver care are heathy and happy at work

Ms Fillingham said the online workshop would open again on 4 July to a much wider group.

‘I have been engaging with wider organisations and patient and public representatives to encourage them to get involved on the 4 July to provide their comments and feedback,’ she said.

‘That will open for two to three weeks, after which we will carry out a thematic analysis. After we publish the mandate for change in October, we will then be working on a plan to implement and operationalise it.’

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