Public Health England launches physical activity infographic

England’s chief medical officer Dame Sally Davies told a meeting of public health professionals that physiotherapists and others can play a key role in promoting physical activity.


Dame Sally Davies at the event in London. Photo: Stuart Palma

Dame Sally was speaking at a Public Health England event at which an infographic, Physical activity benefits, was highlighted.

The infographic provides advice and information to the public on incorporating exercise into everyday life.

CSP professional adviser Priya Dasoju was at the event. She said: ‘I think it was significant that Dame Sally highlighted our profession in her speech at the Everybody active, every day: one year on conference.

‘It indicates to me that physiotherapists are gaining greater recognition as key players in tackling the physical inactivity epidemic.’

Ms Dasoju delivered a workshop at the event in London on 19 October about the importance of physical activity for older adults.

She told delegates that physiotherapists play a vital role in improving public health by, for example, delivering physical activity programmes.

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