TUC Congress 2017: CSP wants more investment in public health

The CSP joined calls for more investment in public health services, criticising government cuts to budgets as short-sighted and placing a long-term burden on the NHS. 


CSP delegate Gary Watts speaking at the TUC congress. Photo: Jess Hurd

Speaking at the TUC Congress in Brighton on 11 September, CSP delegate Gary Watts highlighted the role of physiotherapists in improving public health. He pinpointed falls prevention, saying it had the potential to deliver huge savings for the health service.

Compared to the cost of treating a fractured hip or a long hospital stay, physiotherapy-led community exercise programmes focused on increasing muscle strength, improving balance and promoting active lives, he told delegates.

The CSP seconded the Royal College of Midwives’ motion, Public health – an investment in the future. The motion highlighted how interventions by midwives during pregnancy encouraged women to make positive lifestyle changes, helping to tackle health issues that are represent huge costs to society and public services.

A CSP amendment to the motion underlined how physiotherapy staff made an essential contribution to preventing of illness by helping people to stay active, mobile and independent, particularly older people.

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