Guidance and support for professional networks

Key guidance for professional networks on data protection, room booking, CSP websites and communication channels.

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Collecting and storing personal data

As a professional network recognised by the CSP, you operate as a separate legal entity and are responsible for your own compliance with data protection law. However, we have produced this guidance to support you in collecting and storing personal data. 

Room booking at the CSP 

Professional networks can book meeting rooms at the CSP London office (3rd Floor South, Chancery Exchange, 10 Furnival Street, London, EC4A 1AB). Rooms of different sizes are available. Most have a screen and the ability to include participants in a meeting virtually.  

To enquire about dates and book a room, please complete the room booking form below and send it to the CSP’s facilities team at

The team will assist you in finding a suitable room and sourcing catering options if required. 

We offer free room hire to professional networks once per year (from January to December). Where possible and depending on availability, we will accommodate other dates free of charge, too.  

The facilities team reserves the right to move your booking into a different meeting space where necessary if CSP staff events occur on the same date.  

If you book a meeting room and then no longer require the space, you must give the facilities team at least seven days' notice of cancellation. 

A CSP-hosted website 

Professional networks can ask for a CSP-hosted website – see the directory of professional networks for examples. This enables members to use one log-in to access both the CSP and professional network websites.

You can work with the CSP digital team to choose the layout and colour of the website and the type of content you would like to post. You will also have the option to setup ‘Go Cardless’ for membership payments. Training and ongoing support is available to help maintain the website. Please note, a CSP website does not include the ability to host a membership database.   

A Service Level Agreement sets out what can be offered and on what basis. To find out more, please contact the digital team at

How to communicate with CSP members about your professional network

Several issues of Frontline magazine


CSP professional networks can share information in the networks section of Frontline magazine. To submit content (typically no more than 500 words), please email Production of Frontline generally works two months in advance of publication. Bear this in mind if the information you want to share is time sensitive. Please be aware of the 2024 deadlines and contact us ahead of time in order to ensure your network's content is included.

If your network would like to contribute to or submit ideas for extended articles, please contact in the first instance to discuss any suggestions that can be put forward to the CSP communications team. 

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Member bulletin 

The CSP sends out a weekly email bulletin to all members. Professional networks can submit activity to be included – for example, production of guidance or an upcoming conference or event.

Please send anything relevant to This will then be put forward for consideration by the CSP communications team. 

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Social media 

CSP professional networks are responsible for their own social media accounts. The CSP may be able to repost, support and share the activity of a professional network from our main social media accounts, where appropriate and applicable to the wider CSP membership. However, this must be requested in advance by contacting

Please bear in mind that the communications team has a planned schedule of posts in line with the CSP corporate strategy. Any posts shared on our social media accounts must be deemed of interest to the wider CSP membership or profession.

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