CPD webinars for student and associate members

A series of webinars were delivered in 2022 by the CSP and CSP professional networks focused on providing CPD for students and associate members, with the additional benefit of learning how to grow networks to include non-graduate members.

Recorded webinars for associate members

  • Fracture Healing – Why Bother? Watch the recording and download the slides.
  • ACPOPC and CSP webinar– clinical CPD and engagement session. Exercising with a cancer diagnosis - what you need to know as a support worker. Watch the recording.
  • ACPCF and CSP webinar – clinical CPD and engagement session  with Tom Kent, Cystic Fibrosis exercise therapist at Royal Devon University Foundation Trust. What's the role of role of support workers in the care of people with Cystic Fibrosis? Watch the recording and download the slides. 

Recorded webinars for student members

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