Workplace support

Chartered members working in the independent sector have access to legal services, advice and representation.


Legal service and employment advice for independent practitioners

If you are contacted by the HCPC, or if you self-refer to them for any reason, you should contact our enquiries team immediately to access support.

The CSP – through its Employment Relations and Union Services Directorate (ERUS) – provides full legal support, advice and representation to any member in the independent sector who is the subject of a referral to the HCPC.

ERUS can also advise members who are employees in independent practice on their employment rights and responsibilities, and can assist you with any difficulties in the workplace, as for CSP members employed in the NHS or by any other organisation.

The CSP enjoys good working relationships – and in some cases formal trade union recognition – with several larger independent physio providers.

We are not able to provide support with workplace issues to members who are self-employed and/or who work in the independent sector. Such advice would fall into the area of business support.

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