Governance support

We’ve worked with Physio First to develop guidance on governance specifically for the independent sector. 

During the Covid pandemic it became apparent that some members were struggling and they asked for help to gather, process and interpret key sources of information in order to make appropriate decisions regarding service delivery. Independent practitioners looked to the CSP to help them make key decisions in areas of governance.

As it is not our role to make these decisions on behalf of members, we developed tailored guidance which empowered members to consider all the relevant governance required. This included legal and regulatory frameworks, risk assessments, infection control and consent policies.

This guidance was well received and so we have worked with Physio First to develop it further to help members who are self-employed or who run small practices.

Who works in the independent sector?

Anyone working outside of the NHS, other public sector organisations, social enterprises or the charitable sector is working within what is termed the independent sector.

This is a diverse sector, which ranges from large non-NHS providers of physiotherapy services and private hospitals, to small businesses and self-employed practitioners.

Most physiotherapists working in this sector are employees and adhere to the leadership, policies, and governance mechanisms of their employers. However, some physiotherapists who run their own small business or who are self-employed practitioners are required to set up their own systems and processes.

This resource aims to help by addressing the underlying professional and governance issues.

Graphic displaying the cornerstones of physiotherapy practice: legislative, regulatory, workplace and professional

Understanding the cornerstones of physiotherapy practice

Legal, regulatory and professional frameworks guide the safe management of patients, the safety of the wider public, and everyone who works in the practice environment for which you are responsible. 

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Regulatory and professional requirements

Learn about the various regulatory and professional requirements that need to be considered when working in independent practice.

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Close-up of hands round a table looking at a tablet and paperwork

Understanding clinical governance

Clinical governance is the system through which organisations are accountable for continuously improving the quality of their services. It also safeguards high standards of care by creating an environment in which clinical excellence will flourish.

Find out more about clinical governance

Desk scene with binders labelled 'Policies' and 'Procedures'

Policies and procedures

There are many procedures that may or may not apply to your clinic depending upon its size, the number of staff and the way you choose to set up your business.

Find out the policies and procedures that may apply to you

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Business planning

From the perspective of clinical governance and patient safety, it makes good business sense to have some other policies in place.

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