About the LGBTQIA+ network

The LGBTQIA+ network supports and empowers lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex and asexual CSP members and is a lead contributor to physiotherapy's equality and diversity agenda.

The LGBTQIA+ network is one of three diversity networks, and is open to all CSP members who identify as LGBTQIA+, including students and associates. Membership is on the basis of self-identification and is confidential. Access to details is restricted to those CSP officers who work directly with them.

Our aims

  • Amplifying voices ​– highlighting and showcasing diversity of voices from the network
  • Growing the network from wider CSP membership
  • Creating a supportive community for all LGBTQIA+ members and promoting allyship across the CSP

What we do

Learn from each other

The network allows us to share ideas, and build our understanding of challenges and opportunities we face in a safe supportive environment. It is a springboard to spread our individual and collective learning among the membership and in our workplaces, physiotherapy and the wider world.

Share and support

We share our problems and successes. A key activity for the networks is peer support: members volunteer to be put in touch with others who are experiencing difficulties in the workplace. And when we progress issues, we find sensitive ways to get the message out.

Organise and influence

Together we identify and plan activity that seeks to address discriminatory behaviours, processes and structures to promote equality and diversity at work and in society. That includes influencing change locally and nationally, in the CSP, the profession, the wider health system and government legislation too, working with partners, wherever necessary and possible. We achieve this, in part, by submitting motions and sending representatives to the CSP Annual Representative Conference (ARC) and to TUC equality conferences. 

Committee roles

Current vacancies: Student Members x2, Recruitment Secretary and Social Secretary

Roles are open to all CSP members (including students and associates) who identify as LGBTQIA+. 

If you're interested in getting engaged or wish to learn more, reach out to us by emailing the LGBTQIA+ network.

For details of how the committee is chosen, and to find a copy of our constitution, visit our page on how the diversity networks operate.  

Network chair

Term: two years


  • Annual vision planning of events with the network’s executive team 
  • Managing network inbox 
  • Attend meetings relevant to the network as diary allows 
  • Liaise with CSP Council, committee and staff where necessary e.g. diversity engagement officer 
  • Represent the network at various events e.g. PUK, ARC, TUC etc
  • Liaise with other diversity network chairs 
  • Member engagement 
  • Peer-to-peer support for network  
  • Increase network profile, visibility and membership 
  • Voice LGBTQIA+ issues and perspectives
Steph Land, Vice-Chair CSP LGBTQIA+ Network

Current chair: Steph Land (she/her)

I am an indigiqueer cis gay woman of mixed Alaska Native and White heritage. I grew up and currently live in Edinburgh, Scotland.  

I am a musculoskeletal specialist physiotherapist currently working for NHS Lothian. I have a curiosity in all things pain, and recently completed my master's in clinical management of pain at the University of Edinburgh. I have previously worked in various roles for NHS Scotland, NHS England and the third sector. 

I have been an active member of the CSP BAME and LGBTQIA+ networks for the past two years and excited to be in this role as chair. I would like to amplify our network further within the new equity, diversity and belonging strategy. My 'why' is to ensure that LGBTQIA+ members feel a strong sense of belonging and safety in this profession. I strongly believe there is a lot of work still needing to be done for this to be achieved, not just for our LGBTQIA+ members but for those with other protected characteristics. 

Find Steph on X (formerly Twitter)


Term: two years


  • Support the chair with tasks as capacity and diary allows
  • Prepare for handover to become chair/succession planning 

Current vice-chair: Paul Rees (he/him)

Student member (x2)

Term: two years


  • Speak from a student perspective so that the network’s annual actions incorporate the student voice
  • Support the chair with tasks as capacity and diary allows

Current student members: Vacant

General advisory member

Term: two years


  • Support the chair / vice-chair with tasks as capacity and diary allows
Photo of Mike Pearson LGBTQIA+ network member

Current general advisory member: Mike Pearson (he/him)

I am a cis gay man based in Nottingham working in the local acute trust.  Over my 20 year career my main speciality has been within Healthcare of the Older Person, alongside which I have been a CSP Steward since 2005 and I was the East Midlands Regional Steward for 13 years.  I have been a member of the CSP LGBTQIA+ network since becoming a CSP member but due to personal circumstances have been less active in the network until recently but have previously attended TUC LGBT conference twice as a CSP delegate.

I have always felt a strong need to support those who are misheard, misrepresented or ignored and try to bring about understanding between groups using an empathetic and balanced approach to ensure all perspectives are heard and there is respectful discussion to bring about understanding rather than conflict.  For the last 20 months I have been in a project role at my trust as the Improving Workplace Culture Project Manager, developing and launching trust initiatives for Civility, Psychological Safety, Just and Restorative Culture and a Stop Bullying, Harassment, Racism and Discrimination campaign.  I am now a full time Staff Side lead at my trust, using my CSP Steward skills and supporting CSP members and influencing for positive change in my trust.

I am looking forward to becoming more active again in the LGBTQIA+ network and using my skills to help improve the experience of CSP members both within the network but also beyond into the wider CSP membership as well, through improving understanding and raising awareness and visibility of injustices across all protected characteristics and intersectionality.

Communications officer (x2)

Term: two years


  • Increase network profile, visibility and membership
  • Support improved understanding of LGBTQIA+ experiences across the profession through network communications across various channels, including but not limited to: WhatsApp, iCSP, Twitter, Frontline

Responsibilities for this role are open to negotiation with the elected candidate and committee.

Current communications officers: Harriet Mottershead and Laura Rathbone 

Photo of Harriet Mottershead who is the communications officer for the CSP LGBTQIA+ network

Harriet Mottershead

I am a pansexual demifemale recently graduated physiotherapist working in Northern Ireland. I am passionate about increasing inclusivity and diversity in the workplace for all LGBTQIA+ physiotherapists, assistants and patients. I am keen to develop further educational content for members of our community to increase awareness of LGBTQIA+ issues in physiotherapy.

Headshot of Laura Rathbone, Communications officer, LGBTQIA+ network

Laura Rathbone 

Hi, I'm a bi cisgender woman currently working in the Netherlands as an advanced practice physiotherapist and consultant in persistent and complex pain conditions. I work internationally as an educator, speaker and guest lecturer on pain science, pain care and psychologically-informed physiotherapy.

Together with my colleague I facilitate Pain Geeks, an international reading community for people interested in pain and I also provide individual and group professional supervision and clinical coaching to multi-disciplinary HCPs specialised in pain care. In my role as a queer social justice advocate and activist, I bring intersectionality and queer rights to my teaching, clinic and communities. I also volunteer with the charity Transvisie in the Netherlands to facilitate an english-language support group for non-Dutch speaking trans and non-binary folk, or the parents and loved ones of trans and non-binary folk. 

I graduated from my physiotherapy BSc at the University of Central Lancashire (UClan) and completed my MSc in advanced NMSK physio at Kings' College London. I'm currently in the process of planning and preparing my PhD project here in the Netherlands.

Prior to qualifying as a physiotherapist, I studied international journalism at LJMU (NCTJ accredited), with an emphasis on communication science and international affairs. I worked in industry for a short period as a public relations officer and copywriter for international brands. 

I'll be bringing my past experience of communication strategy and community building to my role with the LGBTQIA+ network. I'm dedicated to bringing about measurable and impactful cultural and systemic change in our profession to uphold our professional ethics of non-discrimination, equity, inclusion and diverse representation. 

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Website: laurarathbone.com

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